About SwapDex Network

Welcome to SwapDex, your gateway to decentralized finance. We offer limit order decentralized exchanges for precision trading, an NFT Marketplace and Crypto Shops for digital art and collectibles, seamless integration with 3rd Party Dapps, and secure wallet connectivity, ensuring "your key, your funds" - all in one revolutionary blockchain platform.


What are the tokenomics for SDX?

  • TOTAL SUPPLY: 266,000,000 SDX
  • CURRENT SUPPLY: 176,000,000
  • FOUNDATION: 90 million SDX (locked off supply)
  • TREASURY: 5 million SDX (growing but in supply)

How to Add SDX in MetaMask

  • SwapDex RPC URL: https://rpc.swapdex.network/
  • Chain ID: 230
  • Currency Symbol: SDX
  • Explorer: SwapDex EVM Explorer

Where to Buy SDX

Official Foreign Addresses of Tokens (Bridge)

  • SDX on BSC (SDXb): 0xa4d92138537bB0bbeaEab095381Be422D785E7C4
  • SDX on ETH (SDX): 0x6b5FeC1351C9ff830db0ebE343a235976b6352Ea