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SwapDEX is build using the substrate framework. In addition SwapDEX utlilizes an Ethereum-Virtual-Machine (EVM) pallet to enable a seamless interface to all EVM-based blockchains. Hence you can connect to SwapDEX on both sides, the Substrate and EVM side. Here is how:

Connect to SwapDEX Substrate

Just follow this link: SwapDEX Substrate DApp.
In case you are new to substrate you can watch his video: SDX KSI Wallets


The SwapDEX Substrate DApp offers many functionalities like a fully functional block explorer, the ability to stake and validate and to participate in the on-chain governance.

Connect to SwapDEX EVM

To connect to SwapDEX's EVM we recommend to use MetaMask.
Go to Settings -> Network -> Add new Network and enter the following network details:

  • Network : SwapDEX
  • RPC URL :
  • Chain ID : 70
  • Currency Symbol : SDX
  • Block Explorer:

SwapDEX Dashboard

Once connected with SwapDEX's Substrate and EVM side, you are all set to utilize the SwapDEX Dashboard
The SwapDEX Dashboard is the one-stop-shop to utilize SwapDEX's unique features. Keep in mind that the dashboard will grow and expand to continue to provide utiliy.

Functionalities you can already access are:

Join the SwapDEX / Kusari Community

Connect with an outstanding and helpful community whenever you feel the need to ask questions, discuss topics or simply hang out with like-minded DeFi enthusiasts.


👉 Check out our forum as well: Forum
This is especailly useful for on-chain governance and proposals.