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The previous section has given you a mental model and shown the requisite resources to help you determine and start building your project as smart contract today. It's time to head over to the tutorial section which will teach you how to build EVM based smart contracts.

The EVM Tutorial, will cover:

  • Setting up an SwapDEX node
  • Setting up Metamask to work with SwapDEX
  • Using Remix as an Ethereum IDE to compile, deploy, and call a contract
  • Using Truffle to deploy a contract to Kusari
  • Using Web3.js to interact with SwapDEX contracts programmatically

We would love for you to give feedback in these early stages, so please feel free to join our Discord Server and engage with the community!

How to participate in the SwapDEX Smart Contracts Developers Squad?

Technical Chats

Written by Masterdubs & Petar